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'I think about it actually sometimes': Years later a Greensboro boy remembers getting a football from Cam Newton

In 2016, Cam Newton ran up to Nick Oldis to give him a football after a touchdown.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's a day a Greensboro boy will always remember and still does almost six years later.

"He actually came toward me and I was like, 'Yay'," said Nick Oldis, a 9-year-old at the time."

Nick Oldis wore his Cam Newton jersey to the Seahawks Panthers playoff game in 2016.

It was then when Newton ran up to Nick after a Panthers score and gave him the football.

"It means a lot to get a once in a lifetime souvenir," said Oldis.

A lot has changed since that game, Newton and the Carolina Panthers parted ways. Oldis grew up. He's 15-years-old. His QB 1 jersey doesn't fit anymore.

"It's pretty small," said Oldis.

On top of that, Newton is back on the Panthers Roster.

"I love when he scored his first rushing touchdown and yelled, 'I'm back'," said Oldis. "He's pretty goofy and his outfits are funny."

Almost six years later, one thing remains the same, the memory of that moment.

"I obviously ran up," said Oldis. "He gave me the ball. I was so excited. Everyone started high fiving me and patting me on the back. Some people gave me hugs. My mom was so excited."

As time goes on, Oldis appreciates what his football means.

"I think about it actually sometimes," said Oldis. "Getting a football, usually it doesn't happen a lot, so to be one of those kids out of millions probably in the stadium throughout the years he was here, it was pretty cool because not everyone gets to experience."

It means even more now that Newton is back with the Panthers.

"He means a lot to the team," said Oldis. "His inspiration in Carolina is very big."