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Some Guilford County high schools head into third week of suspended bus services

Eight high schools in Guilford County are heading into a third week where bus services are suspended due to a bus driver shortage.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Monday morning, some Guilford County students will head into week three of having to either ride public transportation to get to school, use a shuttle bus, or find other means of transportation.  

On Friday, the school district announced it would continue its suspension of yellow school buses for eight high schools in Guilford County as they try to address the bus driver shortage. 

Lots of parents are not happy that Guilford County Schools will continue to suspend bus service. This is because of the lack of bus drivers. The school system announced on January 7 they were partnering with Greensboro and High Point Transit agencies to provide transportation for some high school students.

Rick Warren is a parent of a 9th grader that goes to Andrews High School. Andrews is one of the eight schools GCS will continue the school bus suspension for. Warren said his son will not be riding public transportation. 

"I only thought it was going to be for just two weeks and then everything would be OK, but now it's going into the third week, and I'm like what in the world is going on," Warren said.

The district said nearly one-third of Guilford County Schools bus drivers are out due to illness, hard-to-fill vacancies, and leaves of absence. 

Warren said he understands, but said this issue is now affecting every aspect of his family's life. 

"It's going to be another week of me having to make a way for him to get to school as a parent and being a single parent at that," he said.

Shuttle services will continue to be offered to a limited number of apartment complexes and neighborhoods.