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'I have faith in God that there's a reason for this': Senior baseball pitcher stays focused

Northern Guilford Senior Pitcher continues to train while his season's on hold because of the coronavirus.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — With no games or practices due to the coronavirus, student-athletes are training on their own to keep their focus on their sport.

“Right now, I’m working on everything around my shoulder, said Jake Waggoner, who is a senior pitcher for Northern Guilford. “I’m basically doing rehab to get back to 100% from my surgery. I tore my labrum from a football  injury.”

 Strength workouts are part of Jake Waggoner's routine. He's a senior pitcher on Northern Guilford's baseball team. 

“I like to control the game.”

 One thing he can't control is the coronavirus and when his team will get to play baseball again. 

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If the virus didn't put the game on hold, he still wouldn't be throwing a pitch until the end of the month. Waggoner said time away from everyday life gives him an opportunity to heal. 

“I can just worry about getting better faster and doing whatever I can to get back," said Waggoner.

 The right-hander does strength training every day for about an hour and he hopes other athletes find a way to train, too. 

“I would say just continue to play the game however that may be, pick up a glove and ball, stay in shape," said Waggoner. "You don’t want to lose that in case we get back to playing games."

 While it's a time of unknowns for all of us, Waggoner is trying to make the most of it. 

 “I have faith in God that’s there a reason for this," said Waggoner. "I don’t know what that reason is. I'm just waiting to see what the reason is and hoping to get back on the field."


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