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'This thing shows no mercy': NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson speaks after being cleared to race post coronavirus

Seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmy Johnson tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, July 3. He was cleared to return to NASCAR 5 days later.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmy Johnson tested positive for coronavirus Friday, July 3. 

He didn't have any symptoms, but he got tested because his wife, Chani, tested positive. 

The following Wednesday, Johnson was allowed to race again after he tested negative twice. 

"I followed the protocol," Johnson said. "It brings a lot of questions to where I was in the journey of being positive, all of that. There's a lot of speculation there. I don't know those answers and believe me, I'm the most frustrated person out there, especially living in a world of facts that I do. To not have the facts drives me bananas, but I have followed protocol and I have been reinstated."

Johnson said it was an emotional week. He said his experience with coronavirus has been frustrated because he didn't know when he got the virus and he wants to make sure his loved ones stay safe. 

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"This thing shows no mercy and it moves so quickly as we all know," Johnson said. "Once it's in your bubble or your community, I don't know how you slow it down. Take care of yourself. Take care of your loved ones. Be smart. We know the ways to help it not spread. I think we need to get more serious about that and really protect yourself and our loved one. I fear that we're all going to have it at some point."

Johnson is set to race again at Kentucky Speedway on Sunday. He hasn't won on this track before. He said he's going into the race with a positive attitude.