WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Students at a South Carolina middle school are using messages of hope, love and strength to show victims of the Amtrak train crash that they are not alone.

Pine Ridge Middle Schoolers spent Monday writing cards and making posters for passengers recovering in the hospital.

"I just wanted to tell them (crash victims) that they're strong and they'll get through it," said Lamarria Burgess, 11.

The Amtrak train crash happened just down the road from their school.

"It's not fair this happened to them because they were innocent people that were on that train," Xavier Flanery, 11, said.

Students at the middle school are witnessing the aftermath of the crash firsthand.

"I drive by that area very often because I go to school that way. And every time I see it I just think of what happened to those people and it's so sad," said 12-year-old Eva Platt.

But the students hope this simple gesture of writing notes for the victims can bring a little comfort.

Students made about 100 cards in all. The notes will be delivered to hospitals where passengers are being treated.