When it rains, it floods at one High Point apartment complex. Water gets so high in the parking lot that some residents can’t use sidewalks and others have had flooded cars. It’s an ongoing issue with no clear path to a solution.

Omarr Ragin has lived at the Foxfire apartments on Suffolk Avenue for over a year. Foxfire and Cloisters Apartment Homes are connected and managed by Harvest Properties.

“This is something we have to deal with every time it rains. In this particular area, everybody has to come out of their apartment and move their cars,” he said looking at a pool of water during Wednesday’s rainy weather.

Last fall, he and his wife didn’t make it to their car in time.

“We came outside and we noticed that the car was already, you know, just about underwater. The car flooded so much that the trunk flooded and the car pretty much gave out,” he said.

He says after that happened to the same car twice, the insurance company totaled it. He says he and his wife approached property management.

“The first time they said it’s in our contract that they’re not responsible for what happens in the parking lot. The second time we spoke to them about it, they said it’s the city’s problem,” he told us.

We spoke with Jeron Hollis, Communications Director with the city of High Point. He says a crew recently visited the property and assessed this issue. They determined the problem is on private and not public property, therefore it’s the complex’s responsibility to fix it. Hollis says problems like this on private property usually deal with the area’s terrain and layout and possibly issues with the construction’s engineering.

We don’t know if the property owners are working toward fixing the problem, because they would not comment to WFMY News 2.

We did reach property manager Billi Brooks by phone who said, “We do not have any comments at this time,” and promptly hung up.

Until something’s done, residents have to find a way around the water.

“We’re gonna move as soon as the finances get better. We’re gonna move up out of here because this is ridiculous,” said Ragin.