GREENBSORO, N.C. – The Greensboro Swarm will be sporting new Nike uniforms as part of the NBA G League’s unveiling of uniforms for each team for the 2017-2018 season, which tips off November 3.

According to the team’s Twitter page, the Swarm will be sporting the gray-colored uniforms during home games, while black uniforms will be worn on the road.

The design includes visible updates like the scapula line of the jersey for a better fit, the hemlines on the bottom for the shorts for greater range of motion, the addition of the NBA G Logo on the left chest and back neckline of the jerseys as well as the right hip of the shorts, and team-colored neck trim and side inserts that highlights the unique identities of each NBA G League team.

To connect the G League affiliates to their NBA teams, Nike incorporated player name and number fonts from the NBA parent teams, with the shorts also featuring the NBA team’s logo on the left side of the shorts-opposite the NBA G League team logo positioned on the right short insert.

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