Given how politics and sports have so often crossed paths during Donald Trump’s presidential administration, it feels like the question of whether major championship teams will visit the White House comes up following every title game or series.

But in the case of the NBA Finals, we don’t have to wait to find out the answer.

During Tuesday’s NBA Finals press conferences, in responding to a question about Donald Trump canceling a visit from several members of the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles and the president putting on his own makeshift patriotism event, LeBron James said that neither the Cleveland Cavaliers nor the Golden State Warriors want an invite to the White House if they win.

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“I know no matter who wins this series, no one wants the invite anyway,” LeBron said.

“I think I agree with ‘Bron. I’m pretty sure, the way we handled things last year, [we’ll] stay consistent with that,” Curry said later.

Last season, President Trump said that the reigning champion Warriors were not welcome at the White House but this was after it had been publicized that Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant would not attend if they received the invite.