HIGH POINT, N.C. — Another year, another NCAA Tournament.

At Danny Cronin's home in High Point, March Madness is taken very seriously.

"It's he greatest sporting event of the year!" Cronin said.

Since 1988, Cronin, a die-hard Michigan fan, has created massive NCAA brackets on four by eight feet poster boards.

"I did not know it was going to become a tradition, but as much as I love basketball, it kind of turned into a yearly thing," Cronin said. "It eventually became a huge tradition every year."

It's something you have to see to believe how big it is.

It takes Cronin about $50 dollars and six to seven hours to create one of his brackets.

In 2017, he told WFMY that every year he adds something special, like pictures of, what he called, key moments in the NCAA Tournament history.

This year's bracket includes logos of the number one seeds for each region.

There's also another twist this year.

Cronin has always wanted the tradition to be passed on to his kids, and that wish is finally coming true.

His oldest son, Carter, is creating his very first bracket.

We asked the 6-year-old who he thinks will win the title:

"Duke!" he said without blinking.

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