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LIVE BLOG: Panthers Set Sights On Pittsburgh

The Panthers are now 6-3 after a 52-21 loss to Pittsburgh.

FINAL: Panthers 21 Steelers 52

Panthers go 3 and out and will have to punt to the Steelers

Steelers Kick off to Panthers

Score currently Panthers 14 Steelers 38

Touchdown Steelers! V. McDonald catches 12-yard pass from Big Ben. (extra point is good)

Steelers driving down the field preparing for their 7th play on this drive.

Panthers kick-off to Steelers

3rd Quarter Panthers 14 Steelers 31

Yes, we believe the Panthers will come back in the second half LUKE! lol #Keeppounding

Score at the half: Panthers 14 Steelers 31

Panthers will punt on 4th & 21

Incomplete pass thrown by Newton nearly intercepted.

Panthers now facing 3rd & 21 getting set for their 6th play of this drive

Steelers kick-off to Panthers

Score currently Panthers 14 Steelers 31

Steelers score off a 53-yard Touchdown pass to Antonio Brown. (extra point is good)

Score currently Panthers 14 Steelers 24

TOUCHDOWN! 25-yard pass from Cam to McCaffrey!!! (extra point is good)

D. Moore picks up 10-yards off a pass from Newton for another Panther first down

2nd & 9 - Panthers pick up another first down off an 11-yard pass to C. Samuel

Panthers driving the ball downfield...6-plays so far on this possession.

Steelers punt to Panthers, C. Samuel gains 23-yards on return.

Score currently Panthers 7 Steelers 24

Steelers nail 50-yard field goal by C. Boswell

Steelers convert on 3rd down for a 34-yard pick up to A. Brown

Steelers pick up another first down off an 11-yard pass to R. Nix

15-yard run by C. Okorafor 1st down for Steelers

4th & 10 Panthers punt to Steelers.

3rd & 12 - incomplete pass from Cam to D. Funchess.

2nd Quarter: Panthers 7 Steelers 21

Score at the end of the 1st Quarter

Now 3rd and long for the Panthers after a 3-yard run by McCaffrey.

Cam Sacked for a loss of 5-yards

Panthers currently driving the ball downfield!

Score currently Panthers 7 Steelers 21

Another touchdown for the Steelers. J.Conner up the middle for 2 yards (extra point is good)

Steelers moving the ball downfield picking up three first downs so far on this drive

Panthers punting to Steelers after going three and out.

Score currently Panthers 7 Steelers 14

Cam Newton throws an interception on Panthers second possession which leads to another touchdown for the Steelers.

Score currently Panthers 7 Steelers 7

Touchdown on the very first possession/play for the Steelers. B.Roethlisberger pass deep left to J.Smith-Schuster for 75 yards, TOUCHDOWN. (extra point is good)

Touchdown Panthers! Score currently Panthers 7 Steelers 0 C. Newton pass short left to C.McCaffrey for 20 yards (extra point is good)


Carolina moving the ball pretty easily so far against the Steelers defense. Now going for it on 4th and 1

Carolina will receive the ball first, Pittsburgh wins the toss.

It's GAME TIME!!!!!!!!!

Here's a look at the starting lineup for the Carolina Panthers tonight.

Panthers pumped up for tonight's challenge against the Steelers!


KICKOFF: 8:20 p.m.


LINE: PIT -3.5

The Panthers are playing some of their best football, but they're trying to keep pace with New Orleans, who are 7-2 coming off a win against the previously unbeaten Los Angeles Rams. The Saints are only getting better, too, as they signed wide receiver Dez Bryant this week.

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