Hey, Y’all! It’s Game Day and you’ve come to the right place for the #PanthersOn2 Fan Zone with “Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan.” So you wanna talk football? Let's talk football!

Panthers VS Eagles

11:48 - Well that's a wrap. Eagles fly past the Panthers winning 28-23. All I can say now is #KeepPounding

11:32 - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Cam throws it away.

11:24 - We still got time Panthers we still got time!

11:15 - They don't call them the CARDIAC CATS FOR NOTHING!

11:13 - McCaffrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Panthers score a touchdown but Eagles still lead 28-23.

11:10 - Cam looking like SUPERMAN right now! But ruling on field stands, no touchdown.

10:58 - This is just UGLY now. Really, really, really, U-G-L-Y! A complete breakdown.

10:57 - Eagles with another touchdown against the Panthers. Eagles lead 28-16 against the Panthers.

10:50 - Panthers trail against the Eagles 21-16

10:41 - Come on Panthers let's seal the deal!

10:28 - Panthers really going to have to step it up on the Defense!

10:25 - Injury update:

10:24 - Panthers FG good! Eagles still lead 18-13

10:20 - Go CAM GO!

10:14 - Injury Update:

10:13 - 2pt conversion is good. Eagles lead 18-10 against the Panthers

10:12 - Eagles with another TD. Eagles lead 16-10 against the Panthers.

10:10 - Panthers throw away the ball coming out of the half!

AT THE HALF: Panthers tied ball game, 10-10 against the Eagles

9:49 - Funchess with that grab! Play under review. We think he's in!

9:45 - Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly leaves the field with an injury. Kuechly, came out after he took a hit near his neck and left shoulder from Eagles offensive lineman Brandon Brooks.

9:39 - Eagles find their way in! Eagles tie it up 10-10 against the Panthers.

9:35 - Cam Newton hit as he throws

9:30 - This is OUR HOUSE! We will DEFEND IT!

9:20 - OH IT'S SUPERMAN TIME! Cam runs it up for the touchdown! Panthers lead 10-3 against the Eagles

9:19 - How bout dat? Kelvin Benjamin with 14 yards! Catch me on the Gridiron!

9:10 - How did the PANTHERS NOT (I MEAN NOT) GET THE RECOVERY?!?!?!??!?!? (I just yelled out NO in the newsroom and hit my desk).

9:09 - Did you see that airmail? I did! What a throw picking up that yardage!

8:56 - Panthers now on the board with a FG, tied 3-3 against the Eagles

8:54 - Fozzy Whittaker has been taken off the field

8:49 - Pass interference called on Mills

8:47 - McCaffrey on the move and I LOVE IT!

8:44 -

8:43 - Eagles first to get on the board with the FG - 3-0 against the Panthers

8:41 - Another sack, another flag!

8:40 - Panthers gonna have to step up that D! Eagles on the run.

8:39 -

8:37 - James Bradberry with the takedown!

8:30 - Panthers Julius Peppers earns his 150th Career Sacks

8:29 - Rumbling, Tumbling! Eagles fumble the ball - PANTHERS RECOVER IT!

The Set Up

A pair of 4-1 teams meet on Thursday Night Football as Carolina welcomes Philadelphia to Bank of America Stadium. This marks Carolina's fourth 4-1 start in franchise history (2003, 2008, 2015, 2017) and Carolina is 3-0 on the road this season following a 27-24 victory at Detroit on Sunday.

Thursday Night Football 

The Panthers and Eagles will meet for the 11th time Thursday, including the fourth consecutive primetime meeting between the teams. In 2012, the teams squared off on Monday Night Football in Philadelphia with the Panthers taking a 30-22 victory, in 2014, the Eagles earned another Monday Night Football victory in Philadelphia, 45-21, and in 2015, the Panthers earned a 27-16 victory on Sunday Night Football.

All About Sam Mills

Tonight will be a special one as the Panthers honor former linebacker and assistant coach Sam Mills, who died in 2005, with a helmet sticker on Thursday night.

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Panthers helmet

Each player will wear a sticker with No. 51 on it during the team's primetime game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

True Panthers fans know the name Sam Mills and its significance in Panthers history and the impact it still has now on fans.

Related: The Origin Of 'Keep Pounding' #KeepPounding

WFMY News 2 Sports Photographer, Brian Hall captured this video as the Keep Pounding drum was rolled onto the field.

Pregame Setup

WFMY News 2 has you covered right here, on TV and at the Game! We've got WFMY News 2's Patrick Wright and Sports Photographer, Brian Hall at Panthers Stadium.

These kids have a lot to smile about tonight! Check it out as Cam gives out his wristbands before the game!

Christian McCaffrey 

Photog Brian Hall captured RB Christian McCaffrey on the field sporting the color rush jerseys. Hey... I'm wearing McCaffrey's number right now! I'm representing 22 at the station.

Linebackers talking before tonight's game

Linebackers talking before tonight's game!

Thomas Davis, Cam Newton, & Ron Rivera during the National Anthem 

National Anthem

Panthers Thomas Davis, Cam Newton & Ron Rivera during tonight's National Anthem

Eagles player, DB Malcolm Jenkins standing with fist in the air for the National Anthem.

Eagles player, DB Malcolm Jenkins standing with fist raised in the air during tonight's National Anthem.

Protesters kneel outside of Panthers Stadium 

In Contrast

In contrast, this was the gathering outside of Panthers Stadium before tonight's game. Protesters kneeled outside of the stadium and held signs to demonstrate.

Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan Zone

Why I Go By "Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan"

I go by "Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan" because when the Carolina Panthers play my heart pounds out of my chest, my hands get sweaty, I suddenly feel like I can't breathe, my knees knock, wobble and all at the same time. I get so nervous at times I cover my eyes. I scream out words and sometimes get lightheaded.

Just So You Know
I was born and raised in High Point, North Carolina. For years, I was like a lost bandwagon NFL fan, but not by choice. I cheered for (and don’t hate) the Cowboys, because in those days it was all about Troy Aikman. Then it was all cheers (and this really hurts to admit) for the Falcons. But then that fateful day of October 26, 1993, came and it forever changed my life. I’ve been covered in blue and cheering for my ‘Cardiac Cats’ ever since. I’ve stuck by their side and will until the day I die (and okay, even after death).

Panthers Fan At WFMY News 2

I’m a Digital Producer here at WFMY News 2. This has given me an unbelievable opportunity to interact with fans and share in all the game day fun like no other.

I remember the many trips to Panthers’ Stadium. I ate your barbecue and tailgated with one of the biggest fans and grills I have EVER seen. I’ve also stood with you at the porta potti and talked football.

I have stepped foot onto the gridiron. I’ve gathered handfuls of confetti after that big win that sent the Panthers to Super Bowl 50. I stood with my heart beating out of my chest as you cheered and sang “Sweet Caroline” rushing out of Panthers Stadium after the NFC Championship win against the Cardinals.

I got to be a part of Panthers football history with the celebration send-off party to Super Bowl 50. I’ve waited in line with fans for hours to get a glimpse of the Panthers players coming off the bus after Super Bowl 50.

Perhaps my favorite moment with a fan was this as I captured this Panthers kid in a dance battle with Sir Purr and of course the kid won!

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