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Lil Nas X, Sam Elliott in 'Old Town Road' dance-off in Doritos Super Bowl ad

It's a duel set in the old west.

What could make the Super Bowl more complete than Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott having a dance-off to "Old Town Road?" Doritos has brought the rapper and actor together for the duel set in the old west.

The 1-minute ad stars with the two facing off in the middle of the street as people scramble for cover. Sitting off to the side is their prize: a bag of Doritos Cool Ranch.

"Make your move, cowboy," Elliott says.

As "Old Town Road" starts to play, Lil Nas X does a hand wave. Elliott matches this with a mustache wave.

Lil Nas X breaks into some hip hop and the splits. Elliot responds with some line dancing and slapping himself on the backside.

As the ad progresses, the dance moves get better, with both cowboys putting on an impressive display.

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Then, we see Lil Nas X's horse get in on the action, prancing to the beat.

Elliott looks over to his horse who shakes its head as if to say, "Nope. Not happening."

Elliott tips his hat, expressing defeat as Lil Nas X rides away with the Doritos.

Then we see Billy Ray Cyrus, who collaborated on "Old Town Road," playing a guitar.

"I ain't dancin'," he says.

On Friday, Lil Nas X stopped by media row at the Super Bowl in Miami to promote the dance off commercial. 

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