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Snickers Super Bowl ad wants to feed Earth giant candy bar to fix world's problems

Tired of video bloggers, sexting and people who name their kids after produce? This could save the world.

Snickers has made it clear over the past few years that you'll feel better if you eat the candy bar. Now, it wants to feed the world to solve all its problems.

Like, literally feed the planet Earth a giant Snickers bar.

The ad is a musical that harkens back to the classic Coca-Cola ad that plays off the song "I'd like to teach the world to sing."

The Snickers ad takes a cynical look at the world today: deriding men who ride scooters; people who text dirty photos; parents who name their kids after produce; ever new varieties of milk; autocorrect that comes out all wrong; and smart home gadgets that are spying on us.

Then comes the chorus.

"The world is out of sorts

We need to fix it quicker

We're gonna fix the world

By feeding it Snickers"

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Hundreds of singers march to a giant hole that has been dug into the ground. Suddenly, a dual-prop helicopter flies overhead and drops into the hole an insanely large bar of Snickers.

"It's a dumb thing to do (so dumb), but if it works, we all win," the singers rejoice.

The ad ends with a couple of video bloggers holding a selfie stick talking to their fans moments before falling backward into the hole.

That prompts actor Luis Guzmán to come from the crowd and declare, "The Snickers hole. It's working!" as the singers cheer.

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It may remind you of this Coca-Cola ad from the 1970s.

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