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"It's something nice not many people have": Page High School gets video board inside stadium

Page High School added the video board inside Marion Kirby Stadium in the 2021 season.
Credit: WFMY

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A big part of football games is of course keeping score and making sure it's visible for everyone to see. 

As for Page High School, the Pirates are taking theirs to the next level inside Marion Kirby Stadium, by adding a video board/

"Athletics is a big part of what makes Page High School what it is," said Doug Robertson, who is the Page's Head Football Coach. “It was a vision by Mr. Naglee and coach Harder, our athletic director and our principal, to get something nice for our kids. It started with a vision from them and obviously our athletic booster club to get the funds, obviously, that costs a lot of money."

On Friday nights, it really comes alive. Quarterback Nick Williamson said it makes a difference.

"It gives us a big motivation every time we’re out there practicing," said Williamson. "We can see ourselves out there dancing, doing stuff, on the video board. It gets us hype during the game and gives us another source of energy."

Coach Dough Robertson said he's more concerned about what's going on, on the field, but it's something he pays attention to before and after games.

“It's something nice not many people have and we’re very fortunate and blessed to have a program that can afford something like that," said Robertson. "I like it because it helps our kids in the end and that’s what we’re here for.”

“Every time the game is about to start, I look at it," said Williamson. "I say, 'Hey look who’s up there this time.'''

Williamson said he hasn't seen himself on it yet because he said it's mostly seniors on there. He's a junior.

“I’m going to get a highlight to put up there," said Williamson.