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Former Panther Luke Kuechly surprises South Carolina football coach with new prosthetic leg

Former Carolina Panthers All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly surprised youth football coach Darren Stroman, an amputee, with the leg.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A youth football coach in Blackville is feeling like a new man. 

Above-the-knee amputee Darren Stroman, a youth football coach in Blackville, South Carolina, was gifted a new prosthetic leg by Bulow Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions and the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Stroman had a below knee amputation due to a work-related incident a little over a year ago.

Former Carolina Panthers All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly surprised Stroman with the new leg.

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While in the office for a fitting appointment, his prosthetist asked him to sit in front of a computer where he was surprised with a zoom call from CAF co-founder Bob Babbitt and a video message from Kuechly, who surprised Stroman with his new Össur running leg!  

"I was shocked,' Stroman said. "I came in there thinking I was just getting a checkup and walked out with a brand new leg! I'm just so thankful to everyone that made this moment possible for me."

A father of 3 and youth coach to his son’s football team, Stroman loves to give back and has been looking forward to getting back out on the field and running around with his kids and the kids he coaches.  

"Now that I got the mobile leg now, I'm able to be more active with my kids. It's a wonderful feeling," Stroman said. Stroman says he's looking forward to being more mobile with his children. 

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