Chapel Hill, N.C. - University of North Carolina senior wide receiver Dwight Jones has been reinstated by the NCAA and is eligible to compete in the Independence Bowl vs. Missouri on Monday, Dec. 26. Jones had been ruled ineligible for allowing his name and phototo be used to promote an event in his hometown of Burlington, N.C.

NCAA rules prevent student-athletes from using their name, photo or likeness to promote a for-profit entity. UNC learned of the secondary violation and declared him ineligible. UNC then applied for reinstatement Tuesday."I apologize to my teammates, the coaching staff, and the University for the poor decision I made to allow my likeness to be used in the promotion of a party given by a family member while still a part of the Carolina football team," Jones said Tuesday. "I should have asked the coaching staff or administration before allowing this to happen. I was wrong and the party is cancelled. I'm sorry for being a distraction to our team and taking the focus away from our preparation for the Independence Bowl."UNC's compliance office sent a cease-and-desist letter to the party promoters. North Carolina plays Missouri in the AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl on Monday, Dec. 26. The team departs for Shreveport on Dec. 22. />