RALEIGH ­­­— While traveling this summer, don't let this pesky bug hitch a ride with you. 

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture says the Spotted Lanternfly "poses a significant threat to [North Carolina's] $91.8 billion agriculture industry." 

NCDA&CS is urging travelers to be on the lookout for the invasive species, especially if you're driving through Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware or New Jersey. 

Spotted Lanternfly
Spotted Lanternfly

North Carolina has had no reports of the Spotted Lanternfly, sometimes called hijackers or planthoppers. The bug is native to China, and can hitchhike easily to move long distances. 

The Department of Agriculture suggests washing your vehicle before traveling through northeastern states, and don't move firewood. 

All life stages of Spotted Lanternfly can hitchhike, but the eggs and adults pose the greatest risk for movement. In northern states, adults can lay their eggs on any outdoor flat surfaces from July to December.

Spotted Lanternfly Known Distributions
Spotted Lanternfly Known Distributions
Courtesy NCDA&CS

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