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Meet Miso | The newest Red Panda at Greensboro Science Center

You can see Miso in the Shearer Animal Hospital with fellow red panda cubs Zuko and Azula.
Credit: Greensboro Science Center

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A new red panda has made her way to the Greensboro Science Center.

The Greensboro Science Center is fostering the sweet red panda cub Miso.

She is originally from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. 

Miso was brought over to help with her social skills and further development since at the SCBI she was the only red panda cub but now she'll get to make fast friends with the other cubs at the GSC-Zuko and Azula.

The red panda is native to the Himalaya and Hengduan Mountains. 

Red pandas are an endangered species.

Himalayan red pandas can be found in northern Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, northern India, and Tibet and western Yunnan Province of China.

The Chinese red panda is found in the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of China.

The differences between the two species of red pandas are the Chinese subspecies have more distinct tail rings, has a much larger skull length, and a redder face coat color.

"We were very happy to receive the call asking if we could help foster Miso. In hand-rearing, it's important to mimic natural behaviors and provide socialization as much as possible to ensure cubs grow into happy, healthy adults that are able to live with other pandas and ideally raise future cubs of their own," Jessica Hoffman-Balder, VP of Animal Health & Welfare said.

“Once Miso settles in, she will live with our other two cubs full time. Being a different subspecies, and also a bit younger, you will be able to tell her apart as she will be much smaller than our other two. As she grows, she will develop a thinner hair coat and may also stay lighter in color,” Hoffman-Balder said.

You can catch Miso bonding with Zuko and Azula in GSC's Shearer Animal Hospital.


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