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Greensboro Science Center's Veterinarian Tech shares her story of finding a career in animal medicine

Sam Andreski is the Veterinarian Tech at the Greensboro Science Center!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Do you remember the special Red Panda birth we announced in June at the Greensboro Science Center? Ravi was the first successful Red Panda birth at the Center! Well, Sam Andreski is one of many with the fun job of playing with Ravi every day among many other odd jobs. 

Some call Sam Andreski the "Donkey Doctor." She's also tasked with checking the health of every wildlife roaming the Greensboro Science Center! You might also see her knee-deep in surgery, but the best part of her job is playtime with Ravi, the center's newest Red Panda. 

"It's a tough job," Andreski said.

Andreski's been by Ravi's side as he's grown!

"We have scheduled play sessions to where we play with him just like a sibling or a mom would," Andreski said. 

Andreski says Ravi is a big hit for young visitors which is easily seen on the walls of his temporary home. Andreski says as a child she too visited zoos and aquariums just like these visitors. 

"My parents grew up taking us to zoos and aquariums all over the place," Andreski said. "I just always had a passion for animals in general, but it was the exotic animals that I knew I wanted to help."

This Greensboro College grad had no clue the Science Center was right around the corner.

"I was here for four years for college and had no clue the Greensboro Science Center existed," Andreski said.

She definitely didn't know at the time it could also be the job of her dreams.

"I graduated and my mom told me I needed to get a job to pay my rent and I started scouring," Andreski said. "I looked hard and that's when I started seeing these opportunities right up the road from me."

Nine years ago, Andreski started as a Science Center volunteer with a plan to graduate school and study Marine Biology.

"Then I met Dr. Sam who was contracted here at the time and the whole idea of zoo medicine sparked my interest and changed my entire career path," Andreski said.

Today, visitors can watch her work! Andreski says seeing is what could kickstart curiosity and inspire the next veterinarian tech just like it did for her.

"Just like me at that age, I didn't know that was an option, and to open the door that this may be the route with their lives is inspiring and it feels great, " Andreski said. 


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