GREENSBORO, N.C. — Whether you've seen it before or not, you'll want to set an alarm for 7:57 Friday night. The International Space Station will be putting on a 6 minute show in the evening sky over the Triad.

"This will be a spectacular show," says WFMY News 2 Chief Meteorologist Tim Buckley. "We'll have great weather, with great visibility, so it will be bright and easy to see when it moves by."

Clear skies and temperatures in the low 70s are expected around 8pm when the space station will appear.

  • WHEN: 7:57pm through 8:03pm
  • WHERE: Visible anywhere in the Triad
  • HOW TO SPOT IT: Start looking in the southwest sky at 7:57pm, it will move northeast. Look for a steady, bright white dot. 

Space Station flyovers are more common than you'd think. This will be a longer than usual sighting, reaching a higher height in the sky, and brighter than usual thanks to the crisp fall weather. 

FUN FACT: The space station travels 4.75 miles per second, and 17,000 miles per hour