HIGH POINT, N.C. – A Guilford County bypass project will run through more than 100 properties – meaning soon, the state will make offers to the homeowners.

NCDOT can do this because of eminent domain, the power of government agencies and occasionally private companies to acquire land for road projects, to build schools and hospitals, even to build airports

The U.S. 311 Bypass project has been in the works for more than a decade, but construction has not begun just yet. It will run from U.S. 311 and Greensboro Road in High Point over to Vickrey Chapel Road near Jamestown. The bypass will allow for more cars and faster travel, but construction won’t start for a couple of years. However, more than 100 homes and businesses are in the path – so the state will make offers to purchase all or part of the land for the project, funding by taxpayer dollars.

On Thursday, a handful of people affected attended a meeting to learn more, before the NCDOT begins to knock on the door. They wanted to learn what their rights were as homeowners. The meeting was set up by an eminent domain attorney, not the NCDOT.

This case is just one of many attorney’s like Jeffrey Peraldo with Greensboro Law Center deal with frequently.

“The government is going to try and get it for as little as possible. Particularly since we're talking about tax dollars,” he said, “If they take everything you own, you're entitled to the fair market value of the property at the time it was taken.”

Of course, sometimes the state will take a portion of your property – leaving you with potentially a smaller yard, and a heavily traveled road just outside your door. Peraldo says if this is the case, you can add that depreciation of value into the equation when asking the government to fairly compensate you.

He says you don’t have to sell at the price you’re offered – and should want to fight for more money. He also recommends knowing the value of your home. If necessary, you can take the issue up in court.