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Inflation impacting summer travel plans

Even though inflation is impacting the cost of flights and hotels, more people are traveling this summer than 2019.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Summer travel season is almost here and if you haven't already, it's time to get that vacation booked.

Bankrate.com says about 6 in 10 Americans are planning a summer vacation, but over half are making changes due to inflation.

If you're looking to book a trip, here's what you need to know.

Hopper.com, a travel site, says airfare is up 39% from last year with the average price of a domestic flight being $353.

Hotel rates are also up. The average hotel room is $160 a night which is 20% higher than a year ago.

Ginny Maurer, a professional travel advisor, said that's not stopping people from wanting to get out.

"2019, for travel, was probably one of the largest years and highest sales volume that we've seen in history. I have already had families and couples book more travel this year, here we are at the beginning of May, than I did all that I did of 2019," Maurer said.

She said people are not only ready to travel, but she's seen a lot of people ready to spend.

"We're also seeing a higher spend. People are like, maybe a destination was on my bucket list and I'm not waiting five years now, or we're also seeing maybe I would get a regular room on a ship or in a resort I'm going for the suite," Maurer said.

She said to keep the following things in mind to keep yourself from stressing and to save money.

  • Be flexible
  • Try to travel midweek like a Wednesday-Wednesday
  • Try to always stay that Saturday night of your trip
  • Book as a package with your flights and hotels together
  • Book with a travel professional! They can help find deals
  • Always buy travel insurance

COVID is still on people's mind. Maurer recently traveled to the Bahamas. She said if you do travel internationally this summer, you will have to take a test to get back into the U.S. 

"That is required and we do anticipate that staying around for a while," Maurer said.

She recommends staying at a resort because most resorts will provide that test for you and make sure you take it on time.

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