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Fall arrives Tuesday. What does it mean for the Triad?

The science behind cooler temperatures, shorter days explained during the fall season explained.

Pumpkin spice, changing leaves, cooler temperatures; 'tis the season!

Nobody ever said you can't enjoy those things before Tuesday, but by the Earth's account, fall really arrives Tuesday morning.

Officially called the Autumnal Equinox, or "fall" as we call it around here begins at 9:31 Tuesday, September 22, 2020. But why is there an official time and what happens at that exact moment?

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As the Earth orbits around the sun, it's titled but, when the earth's tilt becomes neutral meaning it's tilted neither toward or away from the sun, the equinox happens. This means the sun's rays shine on the earth nearly perpendicular creating almost equal daylight and nighttime across the globe.

We live in the Northern Hemisphere which means fall starts for us, but in the Southern Hemisphere, it's the opposite and Spring begins, marking a season of warmer changes there while we get cooler here as our part of the world begins to tilt away from the sun.

Credit: WFMY
During Fall, our sunsets get earlier and daylight gets shorter.

As we tilt away from the sun's direct rays, it makes sense that we lose some daylight. You've probably already noticed our sunsets getting earlier and earlier, that actually started back in June with the summer solstice when our longest day in terms of daylight was June 20.

Less sun means less of a chance to heat up, which in turn makes for cooler days if we're being bare-bones about it. Of course, there are other atmospheric variables and weather pattern shifts that govern our cooler weather, too. 

While the Fall Equinox marks a change toward cooler weather, a transition period to winter, there's also another equinox, the March Equinox of course marking the transition from winter to summer and warmer weather.

Now, enjoy your favorite fall flavors, decorations, and fun things free of judgment from the summer lovers. Not that it was stopping you anyway! Welcome to fall.

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