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Damaging winds and hail possible in Friday evening storms

We're tracking the 4pm-10pm timeframe for high winds and hail
Credit: WFMY News 2

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The WFMY News 2 Weather Team wants you to be weather aware on Friday. It's been a while since we've had any rough weather, but thunderstorms will be possible for the evening hours and some could have damaging winds or large hail.


The reason rough weather may be on the way is because change is coming. There's always a reason for bad weather and this time we have two cold fronts: one to the north, and one to the west. Both will be closing in on us on Friday afternoon and evening putting the squeeze on our heat and humidity. 

We're expecting a line of showers and storms to form ahead of the cold front tracking toward us from Tennesee throughout the day. Before it gets here, we'll be hot. High temperatures will be in the 90 degree range with a good deal of humidity as well. That provides fuel for thunderstorms. 

It's not enough for the air to be hot and muggy, you also need a source for high winds. Well, on Friday the winds will be faster than average above our heads, which can help to organize thunderstorms and give them the power to create gusty or damaging winds when they form.

The most likely timing for this line of rain and storms is between 4pm and 10pm from west to east.

Credit: WFMY News 2
Sunny and dry through Friday afternoon. Storms possible between 4pm and 10pm.


  • 8am - 12pm: Mostly sunny. Becoming hot and humid
  • 12pm - 4pm: Partly sunny. Stray shower or storm possible
  • 4pm - 10pm: Line of showers and storms moves through. High winds or hail possible in thunderstorms

The main time frame to stay weather aware will be during the late afternoon and evening hours. This puts the evening commute at risk of being messy on the roads. Also, any Friday night plans will need to be adjustable for the round of storms. Keep checking back with us throughout the day and load up your WFMY News 2 Radar app. 


  • Damaging wind gusts, enough to down a few trees or power lines, will be possible in any strong storms that form 
  • Large hail is possible
  • Tornadoes are not very likely, although we always keep an eye out just in case
  • Flooding is not that likely considering how dry we've been

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