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LIVE RADAR | Tracking Rain Across The Piedmont Triad

Here's a look at the radar from the WFMY News 2 Storm Center.

WFMY News 2 wants to make sure you stay safe and on top of the latest weather alerts.

Latest: Severe Weather Alerts 

There are a few things you should do now to prepare.

Charge Up Your Tech Devices: With severe weather, there's always the possibility of power outages. Plan ahead and get your phones, laptops, and tablets charged up now. The more options you have when the power goes out, the longer you'll be able to keep in touch.

Emergency Contacts: Program all your emergency contact numbers and email addresses into your mobile phone. It's important to include the police department, fire station and hospital, as well as family members.

Download WFMY News 2 Apps: If your power or cable goes out, you'll still be able to connect online. Download the WFMY News 2 App for live streaming video, updated weather forecasts, and reports from our field crews.

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Be sure to check the county where you live and work, so you'll get alerts in your area. Consider leaving your phone near your bed so you'll be able to hear alerts headed for you overnight.

Twitter vs. Facebook: Don't depend solely on Facebook to deliver timely weather alerts. Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what shows up in your newsfeed. Every post does not show up in your feed even if you've liked a page. You will miss important posts if you only depend on seeing them through Facebook. Twitter, on the other hand, will show every single post from a source you're following. Be sure to double-check time stamps on tweets and posts. People will often share information about weather warnings even after they've expired.

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