GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — Wayne County is now in recovery mode. Even a week after Hurricane Matthew came through some roads are closed to flooding or erosion.

But with the beautiful weather and receding water, people are hope they can get back on their feet again.

“It’s not easy. It’s hard right now,” said William A. Williams of Goldsboro.

On Saturday, Williams came to pick up clean drinking water off U.S. Highway 117.

He’s one of many people left with nothing after Hurricane Matthew, which also spawned a tornado that hit near Goldsboro a week ago.

He told CBS North Carolina, “I’ve had to go in with another family, because I was put out of my house, I had to vacate. And since I’ve vacated they condemned my house.”

The Neuse River hit record levels in Goldsboro, rising to nearly 30 feet and up to 18 inches of rain fell in Wayne County, county officials say.

“We’ve got a tremendous amount of losses on our residential and businesses, and a big impact on our agricultural community,” Wayne County Manager George Wood said.

“It is really, really rough,” Williams said. “You spend all your time, all your life, building and all of a sudden it’s like nothing.”

Since its peak, the river has dropped four feet and continues to recede, an opportunity for Wayne County to start recovering.

“It’s certainly going to be months involved in it,” Wood said. “People getting their lives back together is going to be very difficult for them.”

The thousands of bottles of water and bags of ice donated by corporations and locals that were given out this weekend is just the first step in moving forward.

Wayne County is one of 17 counties in North Carolina where home and business owners and renters can apply for individual aid.

Late Saturday afternoon, the Southern Wayne Sanitary District said that the boil water advisory was lifted, leaving the Southwestern Wayne Sanitary District as the last area under a boil water advisory, officials said.

Authorities said that individuals or religious organizations who want to help Wayne County flood victims, can drop off donated goods at the Wayne Center, at the Corner of George and Chestnut streets, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you have any questions about donations, please call Debbie Jones at 919-330-8520. Corporations or organizations bringing tractor-trailers filled with resources for storm victims need to contact the Emergency Operation Center at 919-705-6599.

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