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Road crews prep for more winter weather, hardware stores run low on supplies

McKnight Hardware said they remain busy but are running low on supplies for snow. The city of Greensboro and Guilford County DOT are planning for the weekend.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Are you prepared for another round of winter weather or are you over it? Some hardware stores are running low on supplies and road crews are gearing up to hit the streets.

McKnight Hardware in Greensboro said they remain busy but are running low on supplies for snow. As for the city of Greensboro, they have plenty of salt and are planning to hit the roads Friday as soon as the snow starts to fall.

Many hit McKnight Hardware to prep for another round of winter weather this week, but that doesn't mean everyone wants the snow.

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"No more snow. Here in North Carolina, you get one inch of snow, and everything stops," Bell said. "In New York, everything keeps rolling, here it kind of shuts everything down, and makes everybody have to stay home and eat. I'm over it.”

Even though Bell doesn’t need any more snow supplies, she was one of many out running errands at McKnight Hardware.

"Right now we're pretty low on things, people have been prepping. It's the third weekend in a row, so people are kind of getting the hang of preparing ahead of time, but right now we're pretty low on things," McKnight Hardware Sales Associate Zack Armfield said. "We sold most of our shovels, we're getting some more rock salt in, Lord willing, hopefully, today we'll see if that comes in."

Armfield works alongside his father at the store. He said his dad had to head to Raleigh to pick up more salt.

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"When we run out like this and everybody is out, that's where we have to go and find what we can," Armfield said.

Nathanael Moore is the manager for the City of Greensboro Streets and Stormwater division. He said they are ready for whatever comes this weekend.

"Our snow program, we are still fully staffed luckily, we do draw from the entire department and we have had a long week or so, but we are staffed for this upcoming event," Moore said.

Guilford County DOT officials said they will be monitoring the weather and making a decision Friday morning for when their crews will head out.