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'This storm can still be dangerous, even deadly,' Cooper urges North Carolinians to prepare for Ian

Several counties in North Carolina issued tropical storm warnings ahead of Friday's heavy wind and rain from Ian's remnants.

NORTH CAROLINA, USA — Governor Roy Cooper will speak at 3 p.m. Thursday on North Carolina's preparedness for Tropical Storm Ian. The governor on Wednesday issued a state of emergency ahead of severe weather remnants from Ian, which was then a hurricane pounding the western coastline of Florida. 

The state of emergency is just a precautionary measure being taken to activate federal aid if we need it.

"This storm can still be dangerous and even deadly," Cooper warned North Carolinians. 

State officials said to be prepared for potential power outages throughout the weekend. 

Cooper said North Carolina has sent resources to the Florida emergency communications team. Depending on what we need at home, those plans could adjust. 

As Ian approaches, state officials advise these tips to make sure your family is personally prepared:

  • Have multiple ways to receive emergency info, including watches and warnings. Make sure emergency alerts are enabled on your cell phone and download a weather app.
  • Have an emergency plan. Know where you would go if you need to evacuate. Make a plan to stay with family, friends or at a hotel. Public shelters should be a last resort.
  • Gather some emergency supplies or refresh your emergency kit. Visit ReadyNC.gov for info on how to build an emergency kit.
  • If you live at the coast, you should know if you live in a coastal evacuation zone. Visit KnowYourZone.nc.gov to see if you are in a pre-determined evacuation zone. Learn your zone and listen for it if evacuations are ordered by local governments.
  • Check to see if your community offers emergency alert services for its residents.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel.

What a State of Emergency means: 

State emergency management said the state emergency operations center will activate in Raleigh.

This means that all partners who work in response, and disaster relief will come together.

That includes public safety, health and human services, emergency management.

North Carolina Emergency Management said they don’t expect the weather this weekend to cause major damage but are prepared for anything.

"Everybody needs to be paying attention to this make sure they have a way to receive watch and warning information from the national weather center and local government make sure that you are paying attention to social media channels for your government 15," North Carolina Emergency Management officials said. 

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Have a plan for severe weather

Emergency management suggests having a plan in place just in case you need to evacuate your home such as having family or friends you are able to stay with.

You should also make sure you have an emergency kit handy as well with batteries, a flashlight nonperishable food and anything else you think you may need in the event the power goes out.

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Flood-prone areas preparing

Revolution Mill is an area that is known to grapple with flooding issues. 

Kayne Fisher, the owner of Kau restaurant in Greensboro said since the building is right here by Buffalo Creek, they’ve seen some high rising waters.

Fisher said thankfully, because of a creek restoration project, the high rising waters haven’t been so worrisome recently.

He said they are ready for anything to roll their way this weekend.

"Being here for five years and seeing some of the hurricanes, some of the heavy rains, self-help Revolution Mill has done a great job and getting ahead of it and we've never had an issue and I don't foresee one happening this weekend either," Fisher expressed. 

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