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Winter storm impacts in Forsyth County

Some braved the cold and stopped by some of the only open businesses in town.

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — Snow, sleet, and freezing rain have been impacting the Triad all day Sunday. When we see winter events like this a lot of places are closed.

Some people still decided to brave the cold and get out of the house today despite the weather. 

On Main Street in Kernersville, the red glow of a neon open sign really stood out.

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"I knew Folly's would be open," Kernersville resident Mike Garner said. "We don't get it much (snow) so when we do get it, most people get excited, we'll I do at least."

Garner is among the few who braved the cold on Sunday and he went to one of the only open businesses on Main Street, Folly's Draft and Snack.

"I live by myself and I got tired of sitting at the house," Garner said. "I was cooking all morning and decided I wanted to get out, and I got out, and I knew Folly's would be open, and so I stopped here."

Stopping by, meant sticking it out on some slick streets.

"The truck I drive, the roads are fine for that," Garner said. "They were pretty tough. If I didn't have the vehicle I had I would be a little afraid on the roads today, they're pretty bad."

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Garner said he didn't lose power back at home, but thousands living nearby did.

Jeff Brooks is a spokesperson for Duke Energy. He said crews are working hard and many of those outages are now restored.

"There is some opportunity for more outages in the evening as some of the limbs that might be weighed down in some areas, you know, could give in to the tension," Brooks said. "But another concern that happens during these kinds of storms is a car hitting a utility pole. That's a completely preventable type of damage that happens, and it's usually when people are out on the roads, and ice is really slick and lose control."

Brooks said accidents like that can easily impact 2,000 customers.

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"If you see a Duke Energy crew out tonight or in the morning, and you see them along on the road, and you have to be on the road, please move over or slow down because they want to help you, and we want to get them home safe."

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