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My 2 Cents: How to teach the importance of voting to your kids

Eric Chilton talks about creative ways to make sure your kids appreciate our right to vote.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Happy Election Day! We talk all the time about the importance of Election Day but what we should remember is that it starts when we are kids so let's make sure the kids understand how powerful the vote is and WE all have that right as Americans.

So, I looked on Harper Collins' website and I saw a few suggestions for parents that I totally agree with.

1. Lead by example. Make sure that your kids either see or hear about your voting experience. They would be fascinated to feel like they were "there".

2. Demonstrate Democracy at home. For example, at the dinner table give them a choice of dessert. Make them feel like they are part of the process and compare that to how our vote really does count and shapes our country at every level.

3. They also featured a book that looked fascinating. It was called "Everybody Gets A Say". It is geared to educate kids in a fun way about our responsibility to vote.

4. Talk about the current issues. Of course, make sure it is an age-appropriate conversation but the more they understand the issues the more interested they would be to participate in the system.

5. And finally, teach them that it's O.K. to respectfully disagree with someone. This is a life lesson, not just a lesson about the political system and how polarizing it can be.

Maybe if we start them off early feeling that civic responsibility we can foster a generation that will guide our country into the future based on good decisions.

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