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The biggest food trends of 2017

How many of these popular foods in 2017 did you try (or take a picture of?)

2017 was the year of the foodies. Between pop-up restaurants n almost every city, axe-throwing bars, unicorn ice cream and charcoal bagels -- 2017 had it all. Food was one of the most popular hash-tagged items on instagram and we want to know, which of these food trends did you snap a pic of?

1. Charcoal Everything: from burgers to ice cream, we liked our food black as coal!

2. Matcha on matcha – we can’t get enough of that yummy green powder!

3. Unicorn takeover – if it’s sparkly & pink, it’s a unicorn food.

4. Spaghetti donuts – we’re not sure who ate these, but they kinda looked…good?

5. Avolattes – we added coffee to every millennials fave food.

6. Edible cookie dough – finally we could stop feeling guilty for ignoring mom’s warnings.