Baby names can be found from a variety of inspiration - books, movies, TV shows, even political figures, and this year is no exception. Celebrities often set the trends as well, using unique names like "Chicago" and "True" in the Kardashian family, which trickle down into the mainstream. Last year the top names were Sophia, Olivia, Jackson and Liam according to BabyCenter. So who's set to take the top spots in 2018? Redbook has found that these are some of the biggest names that are climbing the baby name chart right now - let us know which ones you like the best!

1. Eleanor

2. Lincoln

3. Olivia

4. Wyatt

5. Charlotte

6. Milo

7. Owen

8. Atticus

9. Kylo

10. Snow

11. Harper

12. Asher

13. Bryn

14. Frankie

15. Sophia