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Hand delivered with love

How one dance teacher went above and beyond for her seniors

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Angie Greene is a teacher who cares. Every year the dance department puts on a big end of the year recital. The place is usually packed every year but this year that would not be the case. 

"The pandemic cancelled the event this year and my heart broke for our seniors." said Greene.

"Every year we call each senior dancer up and present them with a rose and say a few kind words about them. They wouldn't get that this year. But I had to do something" Greene said.

So what she did was amazing. Armed with a hand full of roses she went to every senior's house and presented them with their roses. Emotions were high as she approached each house.

"I could hear them yelling "Mrs Greene's here!' as I approached the houses. There were lots of tears and love." said Greene.

She continued her efforts today by handing out the cords to the dance students who made it on the Dance National Honors Society. Yes, in person...one at a time. THAT'S a great teacher.

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