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'Pungent, it's a very odd strong smell' | How to keep stink bugs from stinking up your house

Once inside the home, experts say there's not much the professionals can do, but taking preventative measures can save you the headache.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Fall season brings changing leaves, cooler weather, and the return of stink bugs. Jordan Myers is the District Manager of McNeely Pest Control in Greensboro. He said his company has been busy treating homes for these Fall invaders.

“Once it starts cooling down, the plants kind of start dying, and the frost hits,” Myers said. “They fly from those plants and try to seek shelter for the Winter. So, they'll get in the house, get under leaf litter, behind tree bark, places like that to just try to hunker down for the cold Winter, and then when it warms back up in the Spring they come out."

Once inside the home, Myers said there's not much the professionals can do, but taking preventative measures can save you the headache.

That includes:

  • Removing extra foliage around the house
  • Sealing cracks between windows and doorways
  • Keeping outdoor lighting to a minimum

“If you've had them before, right now is the time to treat them before they come back in,” Myers said. “That's usually the biggest thing, people that live in the same place for a couple of years they kind of expect when they see them, they know that they're going to have an issue in the Fall."

Myers said these critters pose no real danger other than just being a smelly nuisance.

“Pungent, it's a very odd strong smell," Myers said. “Once they're in the house the only way to get rid of them is physically removing them. You know just grab a tissue or a napkin or something, take them out, or flush them down the toilet. Some people like I said just suck them up with a vacuum."

Myers said just like stink bugs, any kind of rodents like mice and rats will also be looking for a warm place to stay in the Winter. He recommends taking the same preventative measures to keep them outside the house. 

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