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In the New 2 Kitchen with Big Burger Spot

Today, we're learning the secret behind brats and burgers.

Guy Bradley and Jesse Mitchell joins us back in the WFMY News 2 kitchen to teach us to make their Goodfellow Italian Sausage Brat, BBS Brat, the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger. Enjoy!

Goodfellow Italian Sausage

1.    Grill Italian Sausage until golden brown

2.    Toast Hoagie Roll

3.    Place Peppers, onions and mushrooms on hot griddle to warm

4.    Place Provolone cheese on veggies until melted

5.    Place Brat on hoagie and top with cheese and veggies

BBS Brat

1.    Grill Italian Brat until golden brown

2.    Toast Hoagie Roll

3.    Place Sauerkraut on hot griddle and warm

4.    Place Brat on Hoagie and top with brown mustard and the sauerkraut and serve

Daily Grind Loaded Pimento

1.    Grill Daily Grind over high heat until desired temperature (best medium)

2.    When close to done place 1/3 cup fresh Pimento Cheese on patty

3.    Place on toasted bun and top with Sour Cream and Chili.

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