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Four 2 Five: celebrating love every day of the year

Maddie Gardner shares her '2 Cents' on why spreading the love should extend beyond Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentines Day! It is a day dedicated to love. What a great thing, right We love, love!

On Valentines Day everyone is so willing to spread love and kindness.Here's the problem.. it's Valentine's DAY - just a day. 

Why do we limit the celebration of the most important emotion, love, to just one day? Why can't we show the people we love how much they mean to us every day?

I'm not just talking about romantic love. Show your parents, your kids, your friends, even your pet how much they mean to you! It doesn't have to be flowers and chocolate, either.

Little things matter! Here are some options: a text reminding them you care, a kind gesture or quality time.

Not only will the person receiving your love enjoy you thinking of them, you'll likely love giving your love. Scientists actually believe giving to or helping others relieves stress and is good for your health.

Wouldn't you want to do that every day?!

Whether you are a member of the Lonely Hearts Club or celebrating decades with your sweetheart, you should spread love on Valentine's Day and every other day.