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When self-promotion is key to success

It can often feel unnatural but talking about and promoting yourself, is often the way to be successful.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When we hear the words “self-promotion,” many of us cringe either because we don’t like to promote ourselves or think it’s arrogant to do so.  

Yet, sometimes it’s important to share your achievements with others, particularly related to your career success.

Some people don’t like promoting themselves because they feel that their accomplishments should speak for them. 

And people may know some of your accomplishments; however, it’s doubtful that they’d know all of them or which ones are most significant to you. 

Depending on how you promote yourself, realize that self-promotion isn’t arrogant.

Self-promotion can be seen as arrogance if you’re bragging about what you’ve accomplished and put others down in the process. Or, when someone is sharing their accomplishments with you, you try to one-up them. 

When you talk about your accomplishments, stick to the facts of what you’ve done. And watch your body language when you’re talking. 

If you subtly lift your nose or chin in the air, then you’ll come across as arrogant.

You know the details of what you’ve accomplished. You know how your achievements fit relate to working with other people. You can’t assume that others know what you’ve done or how it relates to working with them. 

Self-promote in ways that are beneficial for others to know when it's relevant.

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