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Alabama Man Cashes In $13,000 Worth Of Pennies

Most of us have some spare change around the house, but an Alabama man has taken it to new heights.

Flomaton, AL -- Edmond Knowles set a world record Wednesday when he cashed in 1,380,459 pennies. His collection totaled $13,804.59.Coinstar Inc., a company that maintains coin-counting machines, said Knowles broke a record set in 2004 by an Ohio man who collected slightly more than 1 million pennies.The gas station operator began collecting pennies in 1966 from his customers.He used to toss them in a five-gallon can.Thirty-eight years later, he was storing them in four 55-gallon drums and three 20-gallon drums.Knowles plans put the money into a retirement fund.

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