OAKLAND PARK, Fla. — "I can't believe it, in such a short time, it was gone!" Wanda Ferrari is desperate and despondent.... frantic to know what's become of her disabled dog, Zorra. Zorra's back legs are paralyzed. Her front legs don't work she uses a pink wheelchair.

"She's been my whole life. I rescued her and she rescued me." Ferrari is dealing with a re-occurrence of breast cancer. On Thursday afternoon, she left her car running Zorra in the back seat, while she popped into this Oakland park dollar tree in the plaza at Andrews and 34th. When she returned, the worst had happened. The car, her cellphone, tablet, and Zorra were gone.

"I was in shock. And you know, the shock wore off. And then, I was traumatized, and in tears, because my girl was in the back, you know. I'm like, 'who would do that? Who would take a car with a dog?' They probably didn't know."

The car is similar to this '95 Volvo station wagon with a Florida tag of Z1JYV. We went to the Broward Humane Society to see if Zorra had been turned in. She wasn't there. "Whoever took the car, if you just need the car, that's not a problem. Just please take care of my baby and let me know where to come get her."

Rescue groups like Abandoned dogs of the Everglades have taken up the cause, asking everyone to spread Zorra's picture and story. The Broward Sheriff's office is looking for the car and Zorra.

"Please, if you have her, please, just bring my baby, please bring her back. Just, just please, I don't care about the car. Bring my baby back." 

So this happened during the lunch hour on Thursday. If you happened to be here, maybe saw the car being taken, or know where Zorra is, Crime Stoppers, give them a call, (954) 493-TIPS, to help bring her home.