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Inmate captured after wild escape in Greensboro

Investigators said the inmate escaped in Greensboro after telling officers he had to vomit.

ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. — An inmate has been captured after temporarily escaping prison Friday.

Alamance County Sheriff’s Office said Joshua Lee Stewart has been captured after escaping law enforcement while being taken from the Guilford County Detention Center to the Alamance County one.

Greensboro police said Stewart was found between Union and Gregory Street.

Investigators said he escaped around 9:40 a.m. Friday morning.

Alamance County said Stewart was being returned on a failure to appear charge when investigators said he told officers he was sick and had to throw up. They pulled over at Arlington and East McCulloch Street in Greensboro. Officers gave him a vomit bag and somehow, he got out and ran off.

Deputies said Stewart jumped into a car with the keys left in the ignition and drove off. A detention officer tried to open the door and was dragged for a while.

Credit: Alamance County Sheriff's Office
A mugshot of Joshua Lee Stewart. Deputies say he escaped custody while being transported from the Guilford County Detention Center.

At some point Stewart abandoned the car and ran away. The officer was treated for minor injuries.

Investigators said Stewart will be charged with felony escape, assault with a deadly weapon, and larceny of a motor vehicle.


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