HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — Deputies with the Orange County Sheriff's Office arrested a man for impersonating a law enforcement officer at an elementary school. 

Christopher Hill, 40, of Durham was arrested at New Home Elementary School early Thursday morning. 

Hill was at the school with his girlfriend, dropping off her children as he has done since school began last week. This isn't the strange part, Hill's attire is what caught the attention of the staff of New Home Elementary. 

He was dressed in tan tactical pants, a black polo shirt, and a black vest, all very similar to the everyday wear of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. The only difference was a small skull patch on the front of his vest, which is not a standard practice of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. 

Two teachers noticed Hill's odd attire and then immediately alerted the school resource officer (SRO). As they waited for the SRO to arrive, the teachers asked Hill about his outfit, and he explained that "he was providing voluntary security." 

Ambra Wilson, the school's principal then called Hill into her office, as the SRO radioed to his supervisor and a second unit was on the scene swiftly. Both deputies along with the principal then escorted Hill out of the school, where he was later arrested once he was out the view of any students. 

Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood had these words of praise for how the situation was handled. "School administration and the SRO responded quickly, acted decisively, arranged for additional resources, and made the arrest without any undue fanfare." 

Hill is now in the Orange County Detention Center under a $500,000 bond, his first appearance is set for September 5.  


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