KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — A man is facing sexual battery charges for grabbing women on three different occasions in Kernersville last week, police confirm.

The man, identified as Stefan Ryan Shuford, is accused of grabbing women by their hips and shoving his face in their butts. He is even accused of licking some of the butts as well.

Police say all the attacks happened inside Walmart, Gabe's, and Walgreens - in Kernersville on Main Street.

We spoke with one woman today who was the victim in Walmart.

She said she was shopping with her son for his upcoming birthday party, and actually saw Shuford come out of one of the aisles, but didn't think anything of it.

Next thing she knew she was in the kids clothing aisle when she felt hands around her hips, and Shuford was putting his face in her behind.

The victim screamed, and Shuford sprinted off. Police later arrested him. He wss still in jail as of Thursday in Forsyth County.

Police say Shuford would be in a parking lot acting as though he was tying his shoe or looking for something, once a woman walked by he would then grab them. Police say Shuford took off running after each incident.

The women didn’t know Shuford and the crimes appear to be isolated random incidents, officers say.

Police are continuing their investigation and haven't received any other complaints. They have requested surveillance video from businesses in the areas where the crimes were reported.