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'If I'm going to be quarantined, I want to be with you' | Greensboro musician goes viral for coronavirus song

The lyrics came to him in the middle of the night. He says it's all pretty ironic.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Andy Eversole, a Greensboro musician, has gone viral.

No, he hasn’t tested positive for COVID-19, he’s gone viral the hard way: YouTube. His song “Quarantine With You” has received 34,000+ views in just 5 days. The inspiration, like with all great songs, was love.

Eversole was in Brazil for a project called “Banjo Earth” where he met a girl. The two began to date and after he returned to the states, she made plans to visit him here in Greensboro. Unfortunately, the global pandemic altered their plans but it sparked something inside him.

“I just woke up in the middle of the night with this song in my head.” He started working on the song immediately and the next day, he recorded the song, shot a quick video, and posted it to YouTube.

COVID-19 has affected Eversole in more ways than his love life. Professionally, the shuttering of local venues and breweries have hampered his income. While he misses performing on stage what he misses most is the interaction with others.

“I am super excited to just get back out and hug some people and connect with the musicians I play with a lot.”

Eversole has a newfound appreciation for his career as a musician. He says its human nature to forget how “beautiful and special” something is until it is taken away from you.

While he doesn’t have any other songs bubbling up inside him at the moment he hopes that his viral hit will add some levity to our current situation. “It just brings a little light and love and hope into this situation and maybe people can just take their mind off the news for a minute.”

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