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Greensboro scalp treatment center seeing more patients dealing with post COVID-19 hair loss

A scalp specialist gives advice on how to combat hair loss, especially when dealing with it as a long haul COVID-19 symptom.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It can be one of the worst feelings to see handfuls of your hair falling out. Many people have experienced hair loss as a long haul side effect of COVID-19.

"Typically we tend to lose about 50 to100 hairs a day and that's normal," Victor Ibarra, Scalp Micro Pro owner, said.

That number may seem like a lot, but is nothing in comparison to loss after having a virus or going through trauma.

Ibarra's business helps people with hair loss through a variety of treatments including scalp micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation is similar to microblading.

He said he has seen an increase of customers that are dealing with hair loss due to COVID-19 or stress.

Ibarra said hair loss is triggered by viruses or stress and it can cause the hair cycle to slow down. That means it can take longer for new hair to grow.

In the hair cycle there's a growing phase, transition phase, resting phase and shedding phase.

Ibarra said COVID has slowed down the process of returning to the growing phase. 

"Any virus versus COVID-19, whenever somebody has sickness with any virus, it typically slows down 30%. Whereas with COVID we have seen about 50%," Ibarra said.

Ibarra said it's usually 2-3 months after trauma like a virus or stressor that people experience hair loss.

If you're experiencing hair loss, Ibarra recommends taking vitamins or supplements like Biotin or Minoxidil. There's also laser treatments and hair transplants.

He said you should always use conditioner, the 2-in-1shampoos don't cut it. It's also advised you avoid super tight pony tails and get plenty of sleep to avoid hair loss. 

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