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'Body aches, chills, sweating and flushing' | Shortage of thermometers during coronavirus

Melissa Browning with Cone Health says looking for those fever symptoms is the next best thing to a thermometer. Here’s how.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Thermometers are hard to track down since they’re an essential tool to detect the coronavirus.

According to many of your posts on social media, you're in search of thermometers, and many of you aren't having luck.

So WFMY News 2 called several Walmart, Walgreen's and CVS Pharmacy's.

They all said they haven’t had thermometers in weeks.

CVS Pharmacy expects a truck on Thursday, but can't guarantee it will come with thermometers.

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We reached out to Cone Health to see if there's a way to check for fevers - without thermometers.

“Body aches, chills sweating and flushing, if you are starting to have those symptoms it’s safe to assume you have a temperature or you have a fever,” said Melissa Browning with Cone Health.

Browning said looking for those fever symptoms is the next best thing to a thermometer. 

 If you can get your hands on one, Browning recommends you get the cheap thermometers from the dollar store. 

"Something really simple you can use it in your mouth, use rectal for children three years and less," Browning said. 

Amazon has several types of thermometers in stock you can order.

Browning recommends taking your temperature orally for an accurate reading,
and making sure you haven't eaten within 15 minutes of taking your temperature.


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