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How to Stay Cool While Working in the Heat

06/19/18 — GREENSBORO, N.C. (WFMY)-- It's been very hot the past several days and many people are having to work in these conditions.

Justin New works with Triad Roofing Services. He says he's always cautious when working in the heat.

The roofer drinks about a gallon of water a day and takes breaks in the shade, not in the A/C, to keep his body acclimated to the temperature outside.

He says it's important to know how much your body can handle and it's also smart to watch what you eat.

"Stay away from the fried foods and all the heavy foods and like cheese because I mean it just weighs you down and it's just heavy on you," says New.

Kitchen employees at restaurants also work in extreme heat. The kitchen manager at Lindley Park Filling Station says it gets about ten degree warmer in their kitchen than it is outside.

The staff drinks plenty of water, puts a cold towel around their neck and steps inside their walk-in freezer for a quick cool-down.

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