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299 pints from you, 897 lives saved. WFMY News 2 would like to thank you for your donations at Holiday Blood Drive

Walk-in or make an appointment, give this gift at your convenience.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — On Tuesday, the WFMY Holiday Blood Drive received 299 units of blood that will save 897 lives across the nation. 

WFMY would like to thank everyone who took the time out of their day to participate in our annual blood drive. There's no 2 without YOU! 

We can create a lot of things in the lab; synthetic diamonds, impossible beef products, a whole set of teeth, but there's something we all need and it's not able to be replicated in a lab. Blood. There is no substitute for human blood. From babies with cancer to trauma patients and folks with sickle cell, they all need blood.

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I'm sure you've heard this said before, one pint of blood can save the lives of three people, but how does that really happen?

Here's how it works. For each pint, there are four transfusable products:  
red cells, platelets, plasma, and cryo-precipitate.

From every pint of blood, doctors can extract up to three of these products, thus saving the lives of up to three people who need different parts of the blood.

Get this, only 37% of the US population is eligible to donate blood. Every two seconds, someone in our nation needs blood.

Give the gift of life at the WFMY News 2 Holiday Blood Drive.

We teamed up with the American Red Cross and the Greensboro Coliseum on Tuesday at the Piedmont Hall.

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