Use your smart phone to rake in extra cash? Sounds like something you might want to be part of.

The app is called Field Agent, and 2 Wants To Know put it through a 2Test to see if it's easy to earn some extra money.

Field Agent turns you into almost a secret agent, going on secret shopper missions for companies in exchange for putting money into your pay pal account. On their Youtube, you can see people testing out the cereal aisle, convenience stores, even Walmart.

But when 2 Wants To Know opened it up in the Triad, not many jobs were AVAILABLE. The app wanted us to do a scavenger hunt for certain products at certain stores to take pictures of the placement on the shelf. The problem was that the products weren't in those stores.

A spokesman told 2 Wants to Know about those Scavenger Hunt jobs we did that "those products are extremely difficult to find and we don't recommend going out of your way to complete those jobs."

We checked for other types of a jobs for more than a week. One eventually popped up at Walmart in Randleman.
All we had to do was take photos of the air freshener aisle, and right away, we got a $4 deposit.

You can make up to $600 tax-free on the Field Agent app. After that, you'll have to pay. Keep in mind, you'll need to regularly check for new jobs to earn anywhere near that amount.