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'Aren't restaurant employees required to wear masks?' Nope!

The Governor's Executive Order strongly suggests they wear them, but it's not required.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Whether you're eating in or taking out, you have the expectation the server or cashier will be taking precautions due to Covid-19 guidelines.

2WTK received this email over the weekend: “We went through the drive-thru and neither the server taking cash or the one handing us our order were wearing masks. Isn't this against guidelines?”

It's a great question, especially when you see some businesses tell you they won't let you in if you don't have a mask. So, what's the deal?

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The best way to answer this question is to look at the Governor's Executive Order. In it, there is a lengthy list of what restaurants have to do. But at the bottom it says this:

“Face covering for employees and customers are strongly encouraged. People sitting at a table do not need to be members of the same household. This executive order does not require servers and wait staff to stay 6 feet away from customers.”

So, no, the server, the hostess, the drive-thru cashier or server is not required to wear it. That said if you don't feel comfortable at a place that doesn't make it policy--- don't eat there.