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How to ask for a raise and other work questions answered

How do you approach them? How much should you ask for? What if they say no?

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Many of us want some extra money, especially at work, but asking your boss for a raise can be pretty scary. How do you approach them? How much should you ask? What if they say no?

Kim Crowder is the President and CEO of Kim Crowder Consulting, and she answers your questions. 

Prepare your pitch deck and nail your end-of-the-year review

Show data in numbers and words around that impact and highlight how your work has improved the organization. Do not downplay that impact nor assume it is insignificant.

What should organizations do to make sure they pay women with historically ignored backgrounds equitably? 

They should look at pay equity or compensation studies, data around promotions, and understanding how women from different backgrounds show up in the workplace.

Practice your proposal meeting and garner feedback, so you are prepared. 

Practice what you will say with others, including friends who are decision-makers within their own companies, to improve your presentation and work through nervousness or fear.

How to engage HR and your leadership in this conversation.

Ask to speak to HR and your leadership for a clear path forward and clearly state what you want before the conversation about a raise. Work together to create a plan to get you where you want to go.

Employees should keep regular records of their successes to have baselines for understanding their contributions to the workplace. 

We must understand our value because we forget, and so do others. Also, just because we know our worth, a company may not. 

Know when to walk away from an organization that does not value you appropriately. 

If you get a no and are uncomfortable with that, move on and ask for a higher salary in your next role. Also, think through negotiating other things you may want like vacation time, working from home, stock options, etc. 

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